Fast track the identity of a citizens’ coalition into the public eye to support sponsorship of candidates and a defined platform.

A newly formed citizens’ coalition had as its goal, the election of key candidates who were supportive of alternate governmental policies and dedicated to their implementation upon installation. A secondary goal was to publicize the financial mismanagement and gross incompetence of the previous administration.

empower Management was asked to develop a rapid branding program to support this initiative. This included development of a global project plan, a marketing plan and development of identity and key message materials. This was further supported by a series of unique ½ page advertisements in newspapers on a weekly basis tied to regional mailings of informational pamphlets that expanded on the advertisement message. Additionally, a website was actively promoted and used to disseminate statistical and in-depth information not released via other vehicles.


Rapid branding was achieved beyond expectations. Within 10 days there was measurable brand recognition reflected by unsolicited media attention in the form of editorials, multiple interviews of the coalition’s executive and “letters to the editor”, both ‘for’ and ‘against’ the coalition’s platform. Sponsored candidates placed highly in the polls on election day, with a representative number holding office.