Dramatically improve the internal dissemination of mission critical information

This large organization has a long history of providing services to its stakeholders with varying degrees of success. Budgetary cutbacks and changes have had significant impact on its effectiveness over the years. This is further complicated by geographically dispersed operations and decentralized management.

Inefficiencies within its structure and business processes limited its ability to react in a timely fashion. This was demonstrated by up to a three week lag in driving mission critical information through the organization to key decision makers.

The organization asked empower Management to provide strategic and system analysis, planning and consulting services, to identify and eliminate inefficiencies within its business processes. Baseline metrics and evaluation criteria were established. Over 60 internal departments, external agencies and councils were involved in focus and planning groups to identify breakdown in the flow of information and define communications requirements at each level. empower Management facilitated these sessions, building consensus and support for the initiative throughout the organization, before moving on to develop new business processes and systems to support these requirements.


empower Management’s efforts have had quantifiable results. The executive branch has been able to dramatically reduce the average time it takes to disseminate information. Information now reaches targeted groups within two days.