Become a multi-national corporation in 24 months or less

With a track record of past successes, a like-minded group of entrepreneurs formed a new team to build a “bricks and clicks” financial institution. Their goal was to rapidly establish and grow the organization to multi-national status within a two year window.

To lay the groundwork for this venture, they retained empower Management. During the first year of business, empower Management provided a range of support services which enabled the organization to: effectively develop the business processes to pass provincial and federal requirements, establish an aggressive corporate and product positioning designed to propel the organization towards its objective, and design a technology solution for 99.999% uptime service.

As well, empower Management worked with the executive suite to develop positioning documents key to both operations and the continued raising of venture capital. The operational business plan was essential as a road map for organizational growth. The venture capital business plan was vital for supporting that explosive growth.


empower Management’s team supplied consulting, mentoring and infrastructure support that netted an ongoing influx of venture capital, successful endorsement by provincial and federal agencies, robust IT infrastructure to support business processes, and an effective corporate and product launch with quantifiable results.