Expand and enhance the business simultaneously in three distinct areas.

This medium-sized business was recognized in the industry as a successful organization with revenues nearing $2M. It had remained
at this revenue plateau for several years, and while the revenues supported the organization and its operations adequately, the business was technically stagnating. A fresh approach was needed to expand and enhance the business - development of new revenue streams and markets, corresponding increases in staff and automation of several business processes which were shown to be labour-intensive.

empower Management was asked to provide a business and operations analysis to identify where business processes could be automated or improved. Furthermore, the analysis included the identification of existing products that could be leveraged for sale into previously untapped vertical markets and business processes required to deliver into those new verticals. This was followed by a series of meetings to define corporate and product positioning, resulting in a solid brand and go-to-market strategy. A human resource plan was developed to support the influx of new staff and changing corporate environment. This included a concentrated training program for new hires, and profit-sharing, to ensure that all staff enjoyed the benefits of the organization’s success. empower Management also sourced several key management staff to support this initiative and deliver on the plans co-developed with the client.


At the end of the 1st year, the staff complement had grown by 30%, and two new markets had increased corporate profitability by 29%. Automated processes resulted in a productivity increase per employee that was 320% of the industry average, while the technology investment was a ¼ of that of competing firms. Staff retention was substantially improved.