empower Management Inc. offers a wide range of consulting and facilitation services designed to support organizations through critical growth initiatives and change management.

As a leading developer of organizational and management methodologies, empower Management Inc. draws on it’s experience in strategic planning, project management and way to enhance productivity at all levels of an organization.
Our services are provide in a variety of formats, such as one-on-one at the executive level, corporate consulting, or through facilitator led group sessions.

These are our areas of expertise:
  • Executive Suite Coaching
  • Corporate Strategic Planning
  • Team Building for excellence
  • 360 Degree Feedback for Management Teams
  • Strategic Sals Initiatives
  • Business Re-Engineering
  • Corporate Revitalization
  • Resource Management Consulting
  • New Market Development

A key outcome of any session is a clearly defined strategy and action plan with clear accountabilities and deliverables.