Leverage 10 years hands-on experience and in-house developed software to redefine the business and its revenue streams; expand the business exponentially over 18 months.

This small business was already a successful enterprise with a track record spanning 10 years and clients across North America. As part of its annual planning, the partners recognized that the business’ true value lay not in the services it provided, but the manner in which they were provided. Further to this, was the value of the data that was a by-product of the process.

Due to its reputation as a strong strategic planning and mentoring organization, empower Management was recommended to facilitate this initiative. Over the course of several strategic planning sessions, an in-depth market analysis and business process re-alignment an identifiable brand was developed, an operational plan devised and a business plan. The operational plan was critical, as it outlined market entry and development on both a North American and global scale, together with requisite personnel scaling and corporate expansion. The business plan was essential in attracting the necessary venture capital investment to bridge the expansion that would precede the worldwide launch and consequent revenue.


Efforts had tangible results. Sufficient investment was received to support the international launch, the operational plan was successfully implemented and the staffing increased accordingly to support the growth. A strong brand was established to capture significant mindshare in advance of any pending competition.