Transform operations and revenue streams from a service base to a manufacturing product base over 18 months.

This family-run operation was a moderately successful service-based enterprise, which had weathered a number of downturns over the course of several decades. A substantial knowledge-base embodied within owner-operator of the business, was the catalyst for a radical change in direction to made-to-order handcrafted manufacturing. Each end product would realize a higher net profit than returns on previous fee-for-service operations. Further, this shift would enable long term planning and improve corporate stability courtesy of improved forecasting and hence, projected income. Previous operations were subject to both cyclic peaks and downturns and variable customer loyalty.

empower Management was asked to mentor the owner-operator and key staff through this evolution, providing guidance in the areas of market evaluation and analysis, mentoring in operational restructuring and sourcing of angel financing. Additionally, empower Management provided guidance in sourcing of government sponsorship and business programs to support the initiative. Three high-profile promotional events to launch the new product and organization were devised and executed – all well received by the media.


Results were dramatic. Initial orders for the new product were received and duly completed with demonstrable profit to validate the change in direction, together with a general increased awareness of the product. Over the course of time, a measurable increase of 250% in orders was realized. This organization is now working with empower Management to establish an international presence.