Build a reliable call centre to support mission critical communications between four partners and their disparate technologies.

This public sector division provides mission critical support to government and citizens alike. It relies heavily on communications with its partners to deliver services when and where required in an accurate and timely manner, and utilizes call centre technology for core operations. Seamlessly integrating information gathered from this process into systems that drive operations of partners in the field, is of paramount importance.

empower Management has a strong background in information technology together with management and business process. It was a natural choice on the part of the client to have empower Management define the finite requirements of their organization through a strategic and systems analysis exercise, and then research and recommend a solution. After several months of evaluation and a comprehensive review of the partners’ existing systems, empower Management selected and recommended an appropriate product, together with a series of business processes designed as fail safes to support the newly integrated operations. It then proceeded to test and finally implement the system.


empower Management has had positive feedback on the effectiveness of this system. The client has indicated that call resolution has been improved by 100%, duplication of data with that of its partners is virtually eliminated, hardware recycling has been decreased by a third, and operations have seen an improvement on turn-around of 300% when establishing on-site support centres.