Enlist the membership of parties with land-base information in the consortium, sharing data and funding the operations.

Public-private partnerships were once a novel approach to sharing the costs of programs that benefit both the public and private sectors. It has now become standard practice across a broad spectrum of both short and long term projects.

This program had been underway for 8 months when empower Management was asked to assist with delivering a communications solution. From inception, the program suffered a lack of consistent key messaging compounded by release of incomplete or conflicting information. A substantially negative momentum within the prospective client base was the result. The client base now controlled the distribution of information and the program had ground to a halt. Pressure from the board to resolve the situation was intense.

empower Management embarked on remediation on three fronts - key message development, collateral development to reposition program, process and membership ROI, and identification of priority media targets to facilitate a focused re-education campaign. While these activities were underway, an in-depth market analysis was conducted. This enabled empower Management to further distill key messages specific to target audiences. A comprehensive communications plan was developed as a roadmap for follow-on activities by staff.


Over the course of 6 months, membership sharply increased with measurable change in attitude from the prospective client base. At the end of the sixth month, membership participation was back to original projected numbers with a steady increase forecasted for the next two quarters.